Branded, Non-Branded & District-Wide Options

Having successfully deployed over 250 unique apps serving over 500 schools and districts, we have setup options that fit every school and district. Our non-branded app for individual schools is a great option with a minimal investment, and our branded apps are the premiere choice for schools and districts that want the enhanced benefit of an independent app store listing and branded icon.

  Native and HTML5

With all of our setup options, your stakeholders will have access to native iOS (iPhone and iPad) & Android apps accessed through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Concerned about Blackberry and Windows devices? No problem! Your school or district will also have a separate HTML5 web app that is accessible from any web-enabled device.

  Automation and Content Management

We use cutting edge tools to automate many of the content features including RSS & iCal feeds that ensure your app’s newsfeed and calendars stay up-to-date with current content without any duplication of your existing administrative efforts. Additionally, our Content Management team serves as an extension of your staff and is available to add and update your app’s content throughout the year.

  Push Notifications

Through our mobile-friendly Admin Manager, you can send push notifications to your school or district’s users from your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere, anytime. Notifications can be sent to everyone in your school or district or targeted to specific groups.


Interactive calendars allow your school’s users to import events to their personal calendar on their device and easily share calendars. You can include calendars for general events, athletic teams, parent groups and student clubs. New events are immediately posted and push notifications can be targeted to calendar groups.


The Newsfeed allows you to post important news, announcements and updates to a central timeline users see when they open the app. You can cross post Newsfeed items to Facebook and Twitter and send as a push notification all at the same time through our powerful Admin Manager tool.


Your teachers and support personnel are just a click away with interactive pages that can include their contact information, picture, class website, email, phone and/or extension.

  Social Media Management

The SchoolInfoApp Admin Manager features powerful social media tools that allow you and your admin team to simultaneously send a message as a push notification and post it to your app’s Newsfeed, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. It is your one-click, one-place to tweet, facebook, post and push your news and announcements.


Your school’s app will include a master calendar with all of your facilities and event locations and each event includes a map to the specific location. Using the GPS capabilities of today’s smartphones and tablets, users can easily get directions from wherever they are to any event location. Our team even takes care of importing all of your school’s event locations.

  Quick Links

Customizable quick links provide quick access to things like your school’s online gradebook system, cafeteria menus, athletic sites, library resources and more.

  Document Folders

Important documents like permission forms, team rosters, event flyers, handbooks and more can be organized in unlimited, customizable Document Folders. Your app will support all of the most popular document types like Word, Excel or PDF giving administrators the freedom to post a variety of information.

  Picture Galleries

Share pictures in a customizable Picture Gallery that can include either JPG or PNG file types. Your pictures are optimized for mobile viewing and easily uploaded individually or in bulk.


The My Assignments tool is today’s 21st century digital assignment notebook allowing students to quickly keep up with all of their tests, projects and homework complete with priority and due date.


The TipLine tool promotes campus safety, integrity and helps to prevent bullying. Students can submit anonymous tips to report concerns about bullying, academic integrity or suspicious behavior. Tips are securely sent to the proper administrators email and are not stored on our servers or accessible by any 3rd party.